Help conserve all shorebird species and the vanishing habitats on which they rely.
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  • Red Knots in Winter Plumage
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Help conserve Red Knots

Each year, rufa Red Knots fly from the southern tip of South America to their breeding grounds in the Arctic, and back again. Some cover more than the distance from the Earth to the Moon in their lives—they are the Moonbirds.

But these amazing birds are in trouble.

Their long-distance migration relies on critical habitats and food sources, both of which are endangered by human activity. The Manomet Center’s Shorebird Recovery Project is working with partners to conserve this amazing species and others like it. With your help, we can achieve a Hemisphere that's alive with the sights and sounds of increasing numbers of shorebirds, with healthy wetlands and coastlines where human activities and shorebirds benefit one another.

Please support our work with a donation. Your contribution will help conserve all shorebirds species and the vanishing habitat they rely on.

How to get rid of Birds Humanely

Are you having problems with birds?  Fret no more! There are anti-roosting spikes that are now considered as an effective way to control their numbers. A lot of experts do believe that bird spikes are the best anti-roosting product in the market these days. It is also known as an exclusion device that may be 100% efficient in driving birds away. The spikes are versatile when it comes to applications, simple to use, easy installation and long life that makes it a best seller among homeowners. One of the advantages it offers is that it is not just simple and easy to use, but it can also be installed by anyone. It doesnt require the need for an expert, thus the cost of the installation will be lessened.  There are different kinds of anti-rooster and some are as follows:


1.       Defender plastic -The spikes for birds are now being used by people all over the town. It is inexpensive and easy to install. It comes in different variety and it helps in deterring the animals. The spikes are invisible to the birds as soon as they are installed, so it can help in protecting the establishments thus adding aesthetic appeal too, it will provide the owner with a neat and low visibility control over birds. The lamp posts, gutters, roofs, pipes, statues and surfaces are the best to have this anti-rooster device.


2.       Defender steel - This is also an anti-rooster spikes that can be installed anywhere regardless of the fabric that includes metal, plastic, glass, bricks, canvas and steel. Arranging the choice also provides a great deal of versatility and even if the silicone gel is usually used to stick to the spikes for the surfaces to be secured, the other modes of fixing also include screws, cable ties, nails and plywood. Even if the spikes are very common in a vertical app, the product can also be placed horizontally and upside down depending on the need.


3.       Defender gutter spike - This is used to secure the gutter and so do with the hoppers of all kinds with an almost instant installation. It is easy to install and simple to use. It comes in plastic and in steel spikes. This has been made from stainless steel grade wires that protrudes from the Durolon UV protected polycarb base. This is unique and simple to use, so you can easily install it without the help from the experts.


There are different kinds of anti-roosting spikes that you can now buy in the market, depending on where you intend to place them.


Help us Conserve Shorebirds