Help conserve all shorebird species and the vanishing habitats on which they rely.
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  • Red Knots in Winter Plumage
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Help conserve Red Knots

Each year, rufa Red Knots fly from the southern tip of South America to their breeding grounds in the Arctic, and back again. Some cover more than the distance from the Earth to the Moon in their lives—they are the Moonbirds.

But these amazing birds are in trouble.

Their long-distance migration relies on critical habitats and food sources, both of which are endangered by human activity. The Manomet Center’s Shorebird Recovery Project is working with partners to conserve this amazing species and others like it. With your help, we can achieve a Hemisphere that's alive with the sights and sounds of increasing numbers of shorebirds, with healthy wetlands and coastlines where human activities and shorebirds benefit one another.

Please support our work with a donation. Your contribution will help conserve all shorebirds species and the vanishing habitat they rely on.

Help us Conserve Shorebirds